MedXCell is a Swiss platform of cellular therapy specialized in orthopedics and sport medicine.

MedXCell is currently active in Europe.

MedXCell team supports you during your stay and brings you the clinical excellence associated with innovating therapy medication using mesenchymal stem cells.

The surgical methods employed by MedXCell are developed by doctors and medical establishments who act as clinical, technical and scientific partners. Each of these methods is validated by clinical trials and is previously tested on hundreds of patients. The use of these protocols is controlled by the national regulatory authority (Swissmedic, AEMPS) and the European regulatory authority (EMA).

The new therapeutic solutions provided are innovating therapy medication using mesenchymal stem cells. These therapeutic solutions are used for (1) a “sympathy use”, which means a specific production per patient who doesn’t have any other therapeutic solution or (2) after the consent to put on the market being given.

For each surgery operated in Switzerland, the Swiss Medic consent is asked to authorize personalized treatment and the registration of therapeutic solutions.

The medical interventions are done in private clinics, MedXCell partners (Geneva, Basel, Zurich, Montreux and Barcelona), by surgeons and doctors who developed the method or by trained surgeons and doctors.

The whole nursing team of these establishments is trained in these techniques by our partners and doctors who developed the method.


It is necessary to see a doctor as soon as symptoms appear in order to have a precise diagnosis and an appropriate treatment. An early treatment will limit serious degredation of tissues (cartilages, tendons, ligaments) and guarantee  optimal results.

The use of mesenchymal stem cells and concentrated autologus plasma have a lot of assets :

  • Less surgery
  • Rapid healing
  • Less tumefaction
  • Less pain
  • Less pain killers
  • Less haemorrhage
  • Less risks of nosocomial infection
  • Use of the patient own’s blood and stem cells
  • Easy and secure use